On-Site SEO – Make Sure Your SEO Consultant Can Code!

Here’s an issue I run into a lot, I’m doing some initial consulting with a client on their SEO and I discover they were using another company in the past who only did off-site SEO. This usually goes hand in hand with me showing them the results of their on-site SEO analysis, the response is almost always something about their past company never saying anything about their on-site SEO.

More than likely the reason their former SEO people didn’t say anything about it is that they didn’t know anything about on-site SEO, this happens a lot in SEO because a lot of people selling themselves as SEO consultants don’t know anything about coding for the web, much less coding specifically for SEO.

“A lot of people selling themselves as SEO consultants don’t know anything about coding for the web, much less coding specifically for SEO.”

Many of them will understand what a meta-tag is and know they are tags which tell search engines what information your site contains, some of them will even know how many characters they should contain, and that they should contain the keywords you are trying to rank well for.

However, it is around this point that they reach the end of their leash because at this point, you will need to understand HTML, CSS and some other basic coding languages that are widely used on the web like PHP and ASP. This is important because a fair amount of the rank you pull in search engines is based on how well your site is coded.

To explain, one of the chief goals of all search engines is to display relevant, quality content and to do it fast. If your site is coded badly, or has bloated code (we’ll get to that in a second), it won’t download quickly. If it doesn’t have the correct navigational structures it will be hard for search engine spiders to crawl which will keep your pages from being indexed correctly and result in your page not showing up in the results.

What is bad coding? Let’s go with Google’s definition, and they are looking for speed. This is the reason you don’t want to use tables in your coding, because tables tend to be bulkier and download slower than HTML using properly coded divs which are styled with CSS. Did I just lose you? I apologize if I did, but this is very important for your SEO.

If your code is bloated, it simply means that it is using much more code than is necessary to display your site. If your site is using more code than necessary, it means that it will take longer to download than it has to, and many SEO experts say you have little chance of being #1 in rankings unless your site can be downloaded in less than a second.

Let’s use an analogy, let’s use sailing for example, let’s say the links going back to your site are wind which is the most essential force in moving forward. However, even if you have wind you need to make sure that the bottom of your boat is clean and free of barnacles and seaweed to eliminate drag and keep the hull of your boat as fast as possible.

After this is done you need to make sure that your sails are set properly to take the fullest advantage of the wind you have and get maximum propulsion. Anything on the water will move if you put enough wind on it, the trick is to get it to move fast and in the proper direction.

Search Engine Optimization is very much like this, yes you need links they are vital, but to get the most out of them, you need a properly optimized site, and to get that your SEO consultant needs to understand coding. For instance the last seven sites I’ve built have bounced into the Google index between the 12th and 17th position. This is because Google liked the content and the coding when they initially indexed it. I know this, because there were absolutely no links pointing to the sites at that stage of the game.

One of them, the one I’ve concentrated on the most, is in 1st place in Google SERP’s for it’s keyword phrase and has front page placement on 57 related phrases, all this in ten weeks in a category with high competition. So do your business a favor, get a SEO consultant who understands all aspects of the SEO development cycle.

If you can’t find one locally you can contact me through my SEO Firm in Charleston, www.Charleston-SEO.net. You can also read more of my writing on my Charleston SEO Blog. – Brett Singleton

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